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Skin Peel & Micro-Needling

Skin Peel & Micro-Needling

Available Now: IQ Verify Level 4-7 Skin Rejuvenation Techniques for Aesthetic Practitioners

There has never been a better time to train from home.

Introducing the new IQ Verify Level 4- 7 Skin Rejuvenation Progression Framework, developed by industry experts to raise the bar in guideline compliant aesthetic training and development.

Mapped to the latest cosmetic guidelines (HEE, CPSA and JCCP), the progression journey begins at Level 4 with Microneedling and Very Superficial Chemical Peels – a must have for any new or existing practitioner. Uniquely, the full framework has been developed in alignment with an internationally recognised standards of personnel competency (ISO17024:2012), adding value locally and internationally.

To ensure graduates meet the latest industry standards, all candidates must begin their progression at Level 4 and work upwards- accessing Level 5 upon completion of 4 (and so on up to Level 7).

When client safety is concerned, we believe you must perfect the basics before you can master the complex.

It is for these reasons that the JCCP have confirmed their commitment to review the framework for access to Part B of their register, commencing with Level 4.

Special Offer: £1000 OFF Level 4, and more!

In such a time of uncertainty,  School of Aesthetic A.R.T are striving to equip our candidates with a package of progression with flexibility at its core.

For the discounted price of £2500 (RRP: £3500) you can purchase entry to the Level 4, and also secure a further £500 discount on each subsequence Levels, which means a total saving of £2500 on the full L4-7 progression route.  

This will allow for your registration with IQ Verify at Level 4 thereby providing immediate access to the high calibre and eLearning package that covers both the core of aesthetic knowledge and microneedling/ peel specific understanding necessary to deliver safe and effective treatments.

Level 4 examinations will be scheduled as soon as it becomes safe to do so and, following your completion and certification, you can then register against you against the next level within this framework.

This special offer will cover you from start to finish, no matter how long this takes.

  • If you are looking for a recognised route of academic progression with each level developed in alignment with the latest cosmetic guidelines – look no further.
  • If you are concerned about the impacts and uncertainty of the Cov virus but do not want to halt your own aesthetic progress – this is the flexible solution you require.
  • If you are looking to address your own professional accountability, the IQ Verify recertification requirements will meet your requirements.
  • Perhaps most importantly- if the concept of self-isolation is scary to you – fill your time productively and get on board the only ISO aligned pathway to level up your aesthetic competence.

Whilst legislation for this sector is currently up in the air, demonstrating that these latest standards have been met will be an essential requirement for all practitioners going forward. Break the glass ceiling and progress with confidence.

How to enrol?

Please click here to fill in an enrolment form with your CV and any previous certificates. This is to ensure your background has met the entry criteria of this framework set out by IQ Verify.

If you need any assistance in the process, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

How is this certification delivered?

Knowledge is delivered via a comprehensive eLearning platform that will guide you through the latest in skin rejuvenation procedures. From anatomy to legislation, consultation to treatment specifics- all aspects are covered and better still, can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.

We therefore believe this unique progression framework represents a short and long term solution to current sector needs (academic development and guideline compliance which can commence without the need for face-face interaction).

Completion of the eLearning leads to the scheduling of the Level 4 face-face clinical mentoring and subsequent examinations including:

  • (4x) 0- 0.5mm Facial Microneedling (Mentored2:1)
  • (4x) 0- 1.0mm Non-Facial Microneedling (Mentored2:1)
  • (4x) Very Superficial Chemical Peels to the Stratum Corneum (Mentored2:1)
  • (1x) 0- 0.5mm Facial Microneedling (Examined1:1)
  • (1x) 0- 1.0mm Non-Facial Microneedling (Examined1:1)
  • (1x) Very Superficial Chemical Peels to the Stratum (Examined1:1)
  • (15x) OSCEs/ Clinical Simulations (Examined4:1)
  • Multiple Choice Theory Examination

Candidates registering on this framework will be provided with the eLearning (and further reading) to study from home and the follow up mentoring and examinations will be scheduled as soon as it is safe to do so.

Completion of these examinations will unlock the next level in the framework and the above process will be repeated against the modalities included at this next level (see below).To capture the increased demand and academic rigor, written examinations will be deployed alongside the MCQs to reinforce knowledge at higher levels.

What is included at each Level?

The programme is structured against the latest UK cosmetic guidelines. Progression is therefore as follows:

Level 4:

  1. Facial Microneedling (0- 0.5mm)
  2. Non-Facial Microneedling (0-1.0mm)
  3. Very Superficial Chemical Peels to the Stratum Corneum

Level 5:

  1. Facial Microneedling (0.5- 1.0mm)
  2. Non-Facial Microneedling (1.0- 1.5mm)
  3. Superficial Chemical Peels to the Mid-Epidermis

Level 6:

  1. Facial Microneedling (1.0- 1.5mm)
  2. Non-Facial Microneedling (1.5- 2.0mm)
  3. Grenz Depth Chemical Peels

Level 7:

  1. Medium Depth Chemical Peels

Candidates are uniquely required to recertificate against the highest level achieved within this framework every three years to ensure these high standards of clinical competency are truly maintained over time.

Please see the following link for more information about the content within the first rung of this exciting new progression framework.

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry criteria for those without a science or health care related university degree is a Level 3 Qualification in cosmetic practice and/or beauty therapy

If you do not have a recognised full Level 3 qualification, we offer a pathway qualification (CIBTAC Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Cosmetic Practice). Successful completion of this qualification will enable you access IQ Verify Level 4-7 Scheme.

Upon Completion

This framework allows candidates a full progression route from Level 4 skin rejuvenation to Level 7.

You will be among the best in professional competency in the skin rejuvenation field, which allows you to carry out services to your clients, set up your own business, work internationally or advanced into teaching and training in skin rejuvenation.

Course Price

Standard Price: 
• Level 4-6: £3500 per level
• Level 7: £2400

Launch Offer: £1000 OFF
Level 4 now only £2500. Immediate access to online training material.
• Enrol now to secure further £500 OFF on Level 5-7
• Total saving up to: £2500

Course Duration

Level 4-6: 6 months part time or 2 months full time (per level)

Level 7: 3 months part time or 1 month full time

Course Dates

Immediate access to online training portal upon successful enrolment, which allow you to start with your theory training without delay.

Practical training and examinations will be scheduled as and when it is safe to do so due to the current government measures. 

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