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Skin Peel & Micro-Needling

Skin Peel & Micro-Needling

Coming Soon: IQ Verify Level 4-7 Skin Rejuvenation

For any therapists that looking to become the best in the industry, this is the go-to qualification in Skin Rejuvenation fields including: skin peels, skin micro-needling and mesotherapy treatments.

School of Aesthetic A.R.T is in process with IQ Verify in order to provide full Level 4-7 Skin Rejuvenation course in our training centre based in Billericay, Essex.

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About IQ Verify Level 4-7 Skin Rejuvenation Scheme

This IQ Verify scheme provides a competency based framework for healthcare and non healthcare professionals currently practicing/intending to practice in the skin rejuvenation field, assessing and verifying candidates knowledge, skills and competency against relevant guidelines, as well as the promotion and maintenance of client-centred and safe aesthetic practice.

The scheme meets:

  • The requirements of the internationally recognised accreditation standard ISO17024:2012, giving candidates internationally recognised certification.
  • The requirements of: Health Education England (HEE) Qualification Requirements for the Delivery of Cosmetic Procedures and Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA) Skin Rejuvenation Guidelines.

Advantages of IQ Verify Level 4-7 Skin Rejuvenation Scheme

1. Highest Standards

Meeting all the requirements from HEE guideline as well as CPSA standards, the IQ Verify Level 4-7 Skin Rejuvenation Scheme is currently the ONLY skin rejuvenation framework available on the market that meets all the latest UK cosmetic standards and international standards, which means it surpasses any national based qualification standards.

Further more, not only the skin rejuvenation scheme itself meets ISO standards, any training centre that are qualified to deliver this scheme also needs to meet ISO standard, this ensures the highest quality of learning that meets international standards. This leads to the next key advantage.

2. Internationally Recognised

Being accredited to ISO standards, the certificate of this skin rejuvenation scheme is recognised nearly 70 countries in the world. In a post Brexit world, certification against an international standard of competency, to which all notable countries have signed an agreement to automatically recognise, will provide the candidates with a level of certification that can be recognised more or less anywhere – no if and buts and no politician dependency.

3. Comprehensive Progression Route

Again, the IQ Verify L4-7 Skin Rejuvenation framework is the ONLY recognised scheme that provide a full progression route allow candidates to advance in their competency to the highest level they aspire to achieve.

4. Same standard and accountability for healthcare and non-healthcare professionals

IQ Verify Level 4-7 Skin Rejuvenation scheme sets up the highest standards of competency in the field of skin rejuvenation including skin peels, skin micro-needling and mesotheray.

Further more, there is a 3-year re-assessment requirements for all learns in the scheme to ensure candidates’ professional competency are up to date. This provides all candidates, regardless of professional background, with accountability through being accountable to the certification body in terms of continued certificate ownership.

Course Structure and Learning Outcome

The scheme has been divided into four levels of certification (4-7) providing a progression framework for all candidates between Levels 4 and 7. Candidates, must be able to achieve the requirements of each level in order to progress and be certified against the next. This is because each level covers the necessary requirements to practice more advanced techniques and assessing competency at each level ensures safe practice and patient safety.

Level 4

  • Facial Microneedling (0-0.5mm)
  • Non-Facial Microneedling (0-1.0mm)
  • Very Superficial Chemical Peels to the Stratum Corneum

Level 5

  • Facial Microneedling (0.5-1.0mm)
  • Non-Facial Microneedling (1.0-1.5mm)
  • Low pH and High Concentration Very Superficial Chemical Peels

Level 6

  • Facial Microneedling (1.0-1.5mm)
  • Non-Facial Microneedling (1.5-2.0mm)
  • Grenz Depth Chemical Peels
  • Mesotherapy (with/without a non-phamaceutical topical agent)

Level 7

  • Mesotherapy (with a pharmaceutical topical agent)
  • Medium Depth Chemical Peels

3 Year Re-Assessment Requirement

Reassessment is mandatory for all learners and is carried out on a 3-yearly basis. The scheme has been developed in line with the CPSA guidelines to ensure the practitioner meets the knowledge and competency requirements within these guidelines. Reassessment must be successfully completed and passed prior to the 3-year anniversary of the certification to maintain current certification. Should this not be completed then IQ Verify maintains the right to suspend or withdraw any certification.

How To Enrol

For enrolment enquiry and more course information, please email us at

We aim to launch this full scheme in early November, to keep up to date with the latest news, please sign up for our email newsletter or follow us on our facebook page.

Entry Requirements


A. Applicable Professions
Including but not limited to: qualified plastic surgeons, doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, midwives, dermatologists, dental hygienists, dental therapists, optometrists, physiotherapists, radiographers, paramedics, clinical scientists, bio-medical students, beauty therapists…

B. Level of Qualification
A regulated Level 3 Qualification in cosmetic practice and/or beauty therapy – including but not limited to: Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Cosmetic Practice; Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy (General) etc.

C. Level of English
If English is not the applicant’s first/native language, an English language level of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 6.5 in all components, or equivalent, will be required. Only IELTS less than 2 years will be accepted.

Upon Completion

This framework allows candidates a full progression route from Level 4 skin rejuvenation to Level 7.

You will be among the best in professional competency in the skin rejuvenation field, which allows you to carry out services to your clients, set up your own business, work internationally or advanced into teaching and training in skin rejuvenation.

Course Duration

Level 4-6: 6 months part time or 2 months full time (per level)

Level 7: 3 months part time or 1 month full time

Course Price

Level 4-6: £3500 per level

Level 7: £2400

Course Dates

We aim to launch the full IQ Verify Level 4-7 Skin Rejuvenation Scheme soon.

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Open Day

Date: Sunday 13th October

Topics: Introduction session about aesthetic training, ‘future proof’ career pathways and discussions of general beauty and aesthetics industry.

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