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Overview Of Our Aesthetic Training Courses

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Pathway to Aesthetics

Are you looking to enter into the aesthetics industry, but don’t have the relevant training background? Start your rewarding journey today with our pathway.

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IQ Skin Rejuvenation 

Introducing the NEW IQ Verify Skin Rejuvenation Framework, developed by industry experts. This course raises the bar in guideline compliant aesthetic training and development.

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Aesthetic Injectables

For students wishing to progress into injectables (Botulinum Toxin, Dermal Filler), we have accredited courses available for you to progress successfully and with confidence.

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Aesthetic Skin & Body

We believe a successful practitioner should have comprehensive background knowledge and skills to navigate successfully within this industry. Our courses provide both the ability to practice specific treatments and also the knowledge to navigate the latest beauty trends and equipment.

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Laser and Light 

At School of Aesthetic A.R.T, we have a comprehensive range of laser and light courses. Whether you are beginner in Laser and Light therapies or an experienced practitioner looking to advance your career, we have the right training option for you.

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Specialist aesthetics

We provide PRP, Phlebotomy and Dermaplain training for practitioners with both non-medical and medical backgrounds. Whether you are a beauty therapist looking to advance in your career or medical practitioners entering into the aesthetic industry, this course will provide you with all the knowledge and skills required to be successful.


Permanent Cosmetics

At the School of Aesthetic ART, we currently offer foundation training for Permanent Cosmetics at Level 4. This training course is designed for Beauty Therapists who would like to enhance their career by becoming a Permanent Cosmetic Specialist.

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[NEW] Career Packages

Check out our training packages which  including everything you need to learn to start a career in the Beauty or Aesthetic industry!

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